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Register now to join social meeting at the Conference

Dear Friends of the Sinergie Sima Management Conference, Our Conference from the University of Palermo is approaching, and in 40 days time, it will be running online. We regret that it will not be possible to be present in Palermo. To compensate, we have organized a remote social meeting. Registered participants will receive some tasty...


Knowledge and Trust: Call for special issue

Data-rich business environments are challenging the resources of knowledge and trust: we welcome submissions to the special issue. Guest Editors Giuseppe Bertoli, Sandro Castaldo, Paola Cillo, Gabriele Troilo, Gianmario Verona.   See the call for paper


2021 News: Special Joint Tracks

Special joint tracks are great new features in the program of Sinergie SIMA Management Conference 2021 from the University of Palermo. Joint tracks are co-organized with specific international scientific academies or networks and will be held within the general conference. They will give participants an opportunity to meet international research partners and present their work...


Special Track in collaboration with CINet

The special track Innovation and Technology management addresses scholars interested in the topics of innovation in the broad sense of the word. CINet is collaborating to the special track with dedicated reviewers and discussants. A Best Track Paper Award SIMA-CINet will be awarded in the closing ceremony. Coordinators Maria Colurcio, University of Magna Graecia, Catanzaro,...


Silver Economy: Call for special issue

The world’s population is aging: we welcome your submissions to the Special Issue about challenges and opportunities of Silver Economy. Guest editors Maria Colucio, Bo Edvardsson, Vania Vigolo. See the call for paper


Conference Proceedings 2020 are online

If you aim to deepen your reflections about the challenges arising from the environmental context, you may want to read the Proceedings of the Sinergie Sima Management Conference 2020. At this link you can download both full papers and extended abstracts, in the traditional written form. If you want to profit by the conference...


Intersections is the main topic of the next Sinergie Sima Management Conference in Palermo

An intersection is “the point where two things come together and have an effect on each other”. This is the definition provided by the Cambridge Business English Dictionary. The same definition has offered inspiration for the design of the 2021 conference organized by SIMA, Sinergie and University of Palermo. Indeed, a multiperspective approach is needed...


After the Conference in Pisa

Which was the challenge that led us to the Sinergie Sima 2020 conference, broadcasted online from the University of Pisa? The challenge was to gather the community of Italian management scholars and resuming activities after the summer holidays, offering scientific and cultural stimuli that, due to the lockdown and the demanding recovery, had been missing...


IN TWO MONTHS OUR CONFERENCE WILL BE RUNNING ONLINE: Anticipations from the Conference Programme

(7th July 2020) This year we have worked harder than ever to offer a rich, exciting and up-to-date programme for the Sinergie-Sima 2020 Conference. The theme was chosen in advance, before the COVID crisis, but is very topical now. It is time for business to take its role in addressing future sustainability grand challenges! Here...