Virtual issues from Sinergie Italian Journal of Management concerning relevant topics in the field of management studies are listed below. All issues are freely accessible.


This topic deals with the processes and tools of corporate, marketing and business communication.

Companies & businesses

This topic consists of single business case studies as well as specific industry analyses.


This topic explores the principles by which organizations are governed and managers’ accountability to the owners.


This topic investigates if and how management studies can improve the ability of cultural heritage to generate value.


This topic deals with problems and opportunities derived from the introduction of new methods, ideas and products.


This topic deals with how decisions are made to increase competitiveness in business and create wellbeing in society.

Market innovation

This topic covers the implementation of new marketing methods including changes in distribution channels, branding, etc.


This topic explores managerial problems related to the making of products on both a large and a limited scale.


This topic covers the emergence of value creation processes, where value is created through complex networks and systems.


This topic analyzes the service industry and its specific features: products, processes, marketing issues.


This topic examines the vital relationships that a business company keeps with its stakeholders in the local environment.

University in evolution

This topic explores the progress of university management strategies in a competitive context.

Viable systems approach (VSA)

This topic focuses on the VSA, in which the entities are interpreted through supra/sub-systems and their relationships.