Author guidelines


No longer than 125 characters long (spaces included). If the paper is in Italian, an English translation of the title must be provided.


No longer than 250 words long which must be structured according to the following layout:

  • purpose of the paper;
  • methodology;
  • results;
  • research limitations;
  • practical implications;
  • originality of the paper.

A minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 that identify the framework of the study’s main topic.


The paper should not exceed 7.000 words including charts, figures, tables, footnotes and references.

Text style

Italics may be used to emphasize certain parts of the text and for English words that are not commonly used. Neither boldface (except in paragraph titles) nor underlining are to be used.

Text graphic rules

Citations must be indicated by double quotation marks (“…”) followed by the cited author’s surname, year of publication, and page nr or nrs (e.g. Panati, 1981, pp. 48-53). The author is responsible for referencing citations in the bibliography, which means all citations in the text must correspond to their relative final bibliographical references before the file’s uploading. Citations that are not indicated in final references will be removed from the text. Footnotes are only to be used for comments, in-depth examinations and further remarks and not as bibliographical references. Italics may be used to underline part of the text. Neither boldface (except in paragraph titles) nor underlining are to be used. The body of the text and of the notes must be justified.

Tables and figures

Any tables and figures included in the paper must be numbered in progressive order, provided with a title (above the table/figure) and source (under the table/figure), in black and white, or grey if necessary, and be inserted in the Word document in the most appropriate position. It is also necessary to upload tables, figures, and graph files in their original format. Word (.doc or .docx), as well as Excel (.xls) and Power Point (.ppt) files are accepted. Image formats that are not accepted include: .png, .gif, .jpeg, .bmp, .pdf.

References and Internet websites

References, listed in alphabetical order and, for each author, ordered in chronological order, must be placed at the end of the text. References must follow these rules.


GOLINELLI G.M. (2010), Viable systems approach (VSA). Governing Business Dynamics, Cedam, Wolters Kluwer, Padova.


BACCARANI C., GOLINELLI G.M. (2008), “The enterpreneur and the frontiers of complexity”, Sinergie, n. 75, pp. V-X.

Book chapters

VARALDO R. (1987), “The internationalization of small and medium-sized italian manufacturing firms”, in Rosson P., Reid S., (edited by), Managing export entry and expansion: concepts and practice, Praeger, New York.

Internet websites

Websites should be mentioned separately below the references.

Author guidelines to submit papers in Italian language

For papers being submitted in Italian, authors are required to provide:

  • A title in Italian and in English, both no longer than 125 characters long (spaces included);
  • An abstract in Italian and in English of no more than 250 words each. Both abstracts must be structured according to the following layout:
    • (Italian abstract)
      • obiettivo del paper,
      • metodologia,
      • risultati,
      • limiti della ricerca,
      • implicazioni pratiche,
      • originalità del paper;
    • (English abstract)
      • purpose of the paper,
      • methodology,
      • results,
      • research limitations,
      • practical implications,
      • originality of the paper;
  • A minimum of three and a maximum of six keywords-in both Italian and English-that identify the framework of the study’s main topic.