Aims and scope

What is the positioning of Sinergie Italian Journal of Management?

Sinergie Italian Journal of Management, the official journal of the Società Italiana Management (SIMA—the Italian Society of Management), is a peer-reviewed scholarly publication that presents leading research across all business and management areas and focuses on the main trends and boundary-pushing ideas in management studies.

What is this journal’s topic coverage?

The journal has a broad thematic profile and covers various areas in the business and management field, such as strategic management, corporate governance, entrepreneurship, international business, sustainability, small and family business, operations and supply chains, strategic communication, marketing, retailing and service management, innovation and technology management, tourism and culture management and, of course, business ethics and general management.

What is “Italian” in Sinergie Italian Journal of Management?

This journal aims both to bring the Italian management perspective to the international debate and to encourage scholars worldwide to contribute through an innovative approach on topics relevant to the sound conduct of businesses and other organisations. The journal’s keywords include, but are not limited to, management applications specially relevant to the Italian economy and other mature economies, such as manufacturing, creativity, sustainability, open innovation, digital transformation, entrepreneurship in small and medium-sized enterprises, family business, networks, alliances and territorial ecosystems, innovative value proposals and circular business models, as well as to the management of specific businesses, such as food, fashion, furniture, industrial equipment, art, culture, tourism, design and luxury.


How broad is the scope of this journal?

Sinergie Italian Journal of Management aims to balance relevance with methodological rigour and encourages interpretation, reasoning and critical, context-aware discussion about phenomena and their managerial implications. Narrow discussions focussed only on highly specific sub-fields will be regarded as non-priority.

Which research approach does this journal welcome?

The journal is open to different research approaches and welcomes both conceptual and empirical contributions that employ a qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods research approach. It also accepts case studies, provided the analysis is adequate. Review articles that move beyond description to propose critical reflection and sound theoretical contributions are also welcome.


Issues frequency and coverage

When is the journal published during the year and are special issues part of the editorial planning?

The journal is published every quarter. It welcomes both the submission of manuscripts to be published in its regular issues and of manuscripts to be published in special issues edited by guest editors. Special thematic issues have always been a prominent feature of Sinergie Italian Journal of Management. Currently, the Editors are encouraging the development of special issues on relevant management themes that fit the journal’s scope.


Principles and vision

What principles drive the conduct of this journal?

A few fundamental principles drive the conduct of Sinergie Italian Journal of Management:

  • Relevance: The journal values the usefulness of research to improving management practice and to addressing business challenges and socially relevant issues.
  • Originality: The journal encourages creativity, curiosity and interdisciplinary contamination in an effort to develop fresh, sometimes out-of-the-box, ways of conceptualising management-related phenomena.
  • Collaboration: The journal fosters collaboration and networking with the different components of the national and international scientific community by considering their ‘voices’ and by being open to proposals of partnership with other journals.
  • Respect: The journal promotes constructive, respectful dialogue among authors, staff and readers and recognises the dignity of individuals and the validity of their opinions.


What vision has inspired the development of this journal?

Connections between research, ethics, creative thinking and managerial action are the foundational premises on which to build a future based on the common good.