Aims and scope

Sinergie, Italian Journal of Management (formerly Sinergie, rivista di studi e ricerche) is a peer-reviewed scholarly publication focusing on the main trends in management studies.

The Journal has a generalist positioning, meaning that it intends to cover various management topics, including strategy, marketing, human resources, finance, and corporate governance without limiting itself to company functions or business sector boundaries that are too specialised.

The Journal aims to promote both empirical and conceptual contributions that are not merely descriptive and/or quantitative in nature.

Sinergie aims to balance relevance with rigor and encourages interpretation, critical discussion and reasoning with respect to the measurement of more or less significant phenomena.

Sinergie aims to bring the Italian management perspective to the international debate on business enterprise and its role in society.

  • Rigor in selecting the studies and papers submitted to the Journal.
  • Innovation in research pathways and in service to readers.
  • Consideration of ‘voices’ from the scientific community.
  • Openness to all researchers-particularly young researchers.
  • Internationalisation of relations with foreign researchers and journals edited in foreign countries.
  • Simplicity, in the sense of valuing carefully crafted results and paying attention to interpersonal relationships.
  • Respect for the thoughts of authors, staff and the audience.