Papers in Italian language

Although it is highly recommended to submit manuscripts in English, for broader diffusion, under specific circumstances, it is allowed to publish in Italian. Please contact the Editor in Chief to verify this option.

For papers being submitted in Italian, authors are required to provide:

  • A title in Italian and in English of no more than 125 characters each (spaces included)
  • An abstract in Italian and in English of no more than 250 words each.

The two abstracts must be structured according to the following layout:

(Italian abstract)

– inquadramento della ricerca

– obiettivo del paper

– metodologia

– risultati

– limiti della ricerca

– implicazioni manageriali

– originalità del paper

(English abstract)

– framing of the research

– purpose of the paper

– methodology

– results

– research limitations

– managerial implications

– originality of the paper.

  • A minimum of three and a maximum of six keywords—in both Italian and English—that identify the framework of the study’s main topic.