The contents of Sinergie Italian Journal of Management are available online, as Open Access. There is no publication fee for authors and contributors. However, to support the journal’s economic sustainability, the audience is warmly invited to take out a subscription.

As official journal of Italian Society of management, Sinergie subscription is offered on favourable terms to SIMA members.

Subscription to the quarterly Sinergie is on an annual basis, starting from January of each year. It includes three issues of the journal.


A supporter subscription entitles the subscriber to receive five copies of each issue and special visibility in the journal. Each subscription is due for renewal by the end of April to guarantee subscribers a regular mailing of the publications.

Late subscribers are entitled to receive back numbers, to be sent at the end of the year. All fees include VAT.

The subscription, if completed by april 30 2021, includes free access to Sinergie Sima Management Conference 2021, online from Palermo 10-11 June 2021

€ 120

Professors and researchers (Sima Member)


€ 180

Professors and researchers (Non Sima Member)


€ 60

PhD students, fellows and undergraduates students (Sima-Member)


€ 90

PhD students, fellows and undergraduates students (Non Sima-Member)


€ 1.000



Bank transfer to the following account:
Fondazione CUEIM
Via Interrato dell’Acqua Morta, 26 – 37129 Verona (Italy)
VAT Number 04376660231 – Fiscal Code 97718380013
at BNL Verona (Italy)
IBAN IT 67W0100511700000000004041

In addition to personal identification data please specify the reason for payment (Name Surname + Sub. Sinergie 2021).

For more information and for the request for back volumes please contact Annalisa Andriolo as Administration, subscription and advertising: Via Interrato dell’Acqua Morta, 26 – 37129 Verona – Tel. 39 45 597655 – Fax +39 45 597550 – Email:

Upon receiving the subscription request and the receipt of payment, the administration office will issue the related note to the subscriber.

For subscriptions by public institutions, submission payments must be made only after the note has been issued. In this case, the number of the note and the name and surname of the subscriber must be indicated in the reason of payment.