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The Journal in brief

Sinergie Italian Journal of Management is a peer-reviewed academic publication focusing on the main trends in management, corporate governance and sustainable development.

ISSN: 0393-5108
Quarterly journal 
Printed from: 1983           
Online from: 2001

Subject Area: Business management
Founding editor: Giovanni Panati
Previously published as Sinergie rivista di studi e ricerche

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The Journal is published by the CUEIM Foudation that is at the service of the creation and dissemination of managerial culture.

CUEIM Foundation is a non-profit organization aimed at promoting scientific research in the management field.

Since 2017, CUEIM Foundation organizes in collaboration with SIMA (Società Italiana di Management) the annual conference.

Also, CUEIM Foundation publishes further editorial lines.

Sinergie-SIMA 2018 Conference: best paper awards First best paper award Disastri naturali e resilienza d’impresa: uno studio applicativo nel retail Elisa Martinelli e Giulia Tagliazucchi   Best papers award Scelte strategiche e pratiche ambientali nelle PMI alberghiere. Verso un nuovo modello di business sostenibile Federica Buffa, Mariangela Franch, Umberto Martini e Alessio Tamanini Identifying and assessing the breadth...


          Enzo Rullani, Professor of Management at Venice International University, presented the paper entitled “New business models in the global capitalism of online knowledge” during the Sinergie-SIMA 2018 Conference. Slides of the presentation (Italian language)  


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