Newsletter n. 1/2024

EDITORIAL by Marta Ugolini and Alberto Pastore (Editor e co-editor in chief)

Dear friends of Sinergie Italian Journal of Management,

As part of the Journal’s development plan, today we inaugurate the quarterly newsletter, whose function is to promote the Journal, its values and goals, published research, the Conference, and any other activities related to our community.

This first issue is an excellent opportunity to share some aspects related to recent history, the present, and plans for the future.

Sinergie Journal was founded in 1983, has over 40 years of life, and represents a part of the history of our scientific community. Since 2012, it has been published online in open-access mode. In 2014, the internationalization process gradually started, and the name was changed to Sinergie Italian Journal of Management.

In 2019, an essential date in its evolution, Sinergie became the official Journal of our Scientific Society, SIMA, the Italian Society of Management. From here on, an important process of transformation of the Journal begins, projecting itself more and more into the international academic community, adopting the English language, and accessing the main databases (Scopus from 2021, Ebsco from 2023, etc.).

The path taken in recent years has enabled the Journal to build a unique positioning that is entirely in line with the most recent policies of the international scientific community.

To date, one of the critical issues emerging in disseminating research results is the dominant position of international publishing houses and the presence of publishers who pursue, sometimes unethically, mere commercial logic to the detriment of scientific and academic ones.

As clearly stated by IFSAM (International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management), a journal affiliated with a scientific society and published in open access – like Sinergie Italian Journal of Management – stands entirely above these problems.

So, we have so many good reasons to support and promote our Journal:

  • It is the Journal of our Scientific Community.
  • Its “aims & scope” the specificity of our research by projecting it internationally.
  • It is completely autonomous from any possible commercial logic.
  • It does not require any fee from the authors.
  • It guarantees a vast and growing circulation.

Moreover, in terms of ranking and reputation issues, Sinergie Italian Journal of Management is considered Q1 in the recently released AIDEA Journal ranking (which means it is a Relevant Publication according to the guidelines “l’Accademico nelle discipline economico-aziendali – I profili orientativi per i candidati al ruolo2). The Journal is rapidly climbing the Scopus CiteScore ranking (where it gained access at the end of 2021). According to CiteScoreTracker 2023, Sinergie already ranks around 130 position out of 214 in “Business, Management and Accounting” category.

Together with the associate editors and the management team of the Journal, we have recently defined a development plan that includes the pursuit of relevant editorial goals (e.g., increasing internationalization, positioning in international databases and rankings, growing submissions and selection of contributions, reducing the average time for reviewing and publishing), the introduction of prizes for best articles and best referees, the promotion of the Journal through the network of relationships (SIMA, International Scientific Societies and Conferences, PhDs courses, School of Methodology, etc.) and appropriate communication activities.

In order to continue to sustain the growth of Sinergie Italian Journal of Management, each of us must be committed to contributing to the scientific debate initiated by the Journal, submitting her/his research for publication, proposing a Special Issue, promoting the Journal to her/his research networks, participating in the Journal’s activities, and especially valuing published research (taking it as a reference in her/his publications).

This is the Journal of our community, of scholars who share our values, goals, research approaches, and themes. It is of great value, and together, we can make it grow even more.