Publishing ethics

Authors who submit articles to Sinergie agree to the following terms.

The article has not previously been published in its current or a substantially similar form, and it is not under consideration with another journal. Sinergie requires all authors to submit original content. If authors have used the work and/or words of others, it must be appropriately cited or quoted. Redundant publication is only acceptable if it leads to different or new conclusions, or if it contains comparisons with new data. In all cases, it is important to reference the previously published work and ensure that the scope of the paper and its conclusions differ from the previous research. If the repetition has not been sufficiently highlighted, then a note of clarification may be required.

The article must not contain any unlawful statements and must not infringe any existing copyright. Authors must include the necessary permission of copyright released with the tacit/explicit assent of the authorities responsible in the place in which the article has been published. Such permission is necessary to reproduce in the article, in all media and in all countries any included materials, tables and figures that are not owned.

All authors will receive a final version of the article, take responsibility for the content, agree to its publication, the order of the authors listed on the paper and the allocation of paragraphs. In multi-authored papers, it is important that all authors who have made a significant contribution to the paper are listed. Those who have provided support but have not contributed to the research should be acknowledged on the first page of the article.

All authors, editors and reviewers have to declare any potential conflicts of interest in the research. In particular, conflicts of interest include: a) a financial or personal interest in the outcomes of the study; b) undisclosed financial support for the research by an interested third party; c) a financial or personal interest in the suppression of the research. A note that highlights the financial support received from third parties for the research, or any other possible conflicts of interest, must be included prior to review and published on the first page of the article.

All authors must read and adhere to the Journal’s author guidelines. Most importantly, ethical misconduct includes plagiarism, redundant publication (dual publication or self-plagiarism) and conflicts of interest