CUEIM Foundation


Established as a CUEIM-CRT Foundation on 21 September 2009 at the initiative of the founding members of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Torino (CRT Foundation) and of the University Consortium of Industrial and Managerial Economics (CUEIM), the CUEIM Foundation has its legal and operational headquarters in Verona and operating offices at the CUEIM offices.

It is a non-profit organization with legal personality (4 May 2010), registered since 2011 in the list of recipient subjects provided for in Article 1, paragraph 353 of the Law of 23.12.05 n. 266.

Aims and scope

CUEIM Foundation proposes to carry out or promote scientific research activities with specific reference to the business sector, even non-profit, and the management of organizations. More specifically, it aims:

  • to co-finance research projects and their dissemination at national and international level,
  • to co-finance research grants in order to promote the development of knowledge on the functions and role of profit and non-profit organizations,
  • to foster internationalization and exchanges among scholars,
  • to support Sinergie Italian Journal of Management and promote its internationalization both in Italy and abroad.

Members of the Board

Federico Testa, University of Verona – President

Piero Mastroberardino, University of Foggia – Vice President

Alberto Mattiacci, Sapienza University of Rome – Component

Tonino Pencarelli, Carlo Bo University of Urbin – Component

Marta Ugolini, University of Verona – Component



Via Interrato dell’Acqua Morta 26
37129 Verona (Italy)
Tel. + 30 45 597655
Fax +39 45 597550



Gabriella Zoccatelli – Auditor

Angelo Bonfanti, University of Verona – General secretary