Current issue

Supply chain management: New professional and academic perspectives

Introduction to the special issue on the ADACI-Smart conference
Francesco Rizzi

Searching for the right operations strategy to manage the repair process across the reverse supply chain
Ivan Russo – Nicolò Masorgo

Managing resources and innovation inside the industry (Industrial) 4.0. Revolution: The role of Supply Chain
Niccolò Fiorini – Matteo Devigili – Tommaso Pucci – Lorenzo Zanni

How do firms interpret extended responsibilities for a sustainable supply chain management of innovative technologies?
An analysis of corporate sustainability reports in the energy sector
Eleonora Annunziata – Francesco Rizzi – Marco Frey

Building long-term supplier-retailer relationships in the jewellery sector: antecedents of customer loyalty
Elisa Martinelli

The new frontiers of procurement in the digital age. Results of an empirical survey on procurement 4.0 in Italy
Silvia Bruzzi – Vincenzo Genco – Nicola Balbi

Manufacturing back-shoring and sustainability: a literature review
Cristina Di Stefano – Luciano Fratocchi

The social clause in public tenders: strategic interdependence among companies and economic distortions
Luca Ferrucci – Antonio Picciotti

Social enterprise and market orientation: roles and relationships for the management of sustainable supply chains
Marina Gigliotti – Antonio Picciotti – Andrea Runfola

Employees as advocates or adversaries during a corporate crisis. The role of perceived authenticity and employee empowerment
Alessandra Mazzei – Jeong-Nam Kim – Gianluca Togna – Yeunjae Lee – Alessandro Lovari

Sustainable business model innovation. “Progetto Quid” as an exploratory case study
Maria V. Ciasullo – Paola Castellani – Chiara Rossato – Orlando Troisi

Sinergie Italian Journal of Management
Vol. 37 Issue 2 – 2019