Sinergie-SIMA 2020 Conference

Paper Development Workshop (PDW)

8th September 2020
9.00 – 13.00 CEST (please check here for your timezone)

Chairs: Valentina De Marchi, Elisa Giuliani, Francesco Rullani


9.00 Digital transformation of traditional firms: cognition and technology trap zones in the proof-of-concept phase
Authors: Maryia Zaitsava – Elona Marku – Maria Chiara Di Guardo
Discussant: Valentina De Marchi

9.25 Technological discontinuities and dominant designs in the automotive industry: the case of ford – 1896-1914
Authors: Alberto Di Minin – Giulio Ferrigno – Alberto Zordan
Discussant: Anna Cabigiosu  & Elisa Giuliani

9.50 Technology-based trust systems: an integrative model of how rules of code can build trust in digital economic transactions
Authors: Maria Sciarra – Cristina Boari
Discussant: Diego Stea

10.15 The role of proof-of-concept programs in mitigating the effect of inhibitors on the commercialization of research-based inventions
Authors: Daniele Battaglia – Emilio Paolucci – Elisa Ughetto
Discussant: Francesco di Lorenzo

10:40. Breaking the silence about existing marketing capabilities: the agile approach
Authors: Ludovica Moi – Francesca Cabiddu – Federico Pigni
Discussant: Francesco Rullani

11.05 BREAK (15 min)

11.20 Legitimate women and board advisory tasks
Authors: Sara De Masi – Agnieszka Słomka-Gołębiowska – Andrea Paci
Discussant: Morten Huse

11.45 Decoupling sustainability disclosure and implementation in MNEs: the role of institutional duality
Author: Stefano Franco
Discussant: Mette Morsing

12.10 The impact of fintech acquisitions on acquiring banks performance
Authors: Francesca Collevecchio – Francesco Cappa – Enzo Peruffo – Raffaele Oriani
Discussant: Ugo Rigoni

12.35 The influence of human capital and gender on the risk profile of venture philan- thropy investors
Authors: Mariarosa Scarlata – Luisa Alemany – Andrew Zacharakis
Discussant: Andrew Crane


Each paper presenter gives a 10 minutes speech where s/he provides:

– an overview of the paper’s core message, research questions, methodology, results and contributions and
– the areas in which she/he is looking for advice and/or is experiencing Following, each paper is going to receive qualified comments by an expert reviewer (discussant) (10 minutes).

The floor will then be open for Q&A from the audience (5 min). Timing will be strictly enforced.

In the case the authors have already received comments from journal referees – either in the case of past rejections or current R&R – they might want to contact the discus- sant directly to share the reviews with him/her.

All PDW participants are strongly encouraged to attend the whole PDW session and provide comments. Papers will be circulated upon request and based on authors’ con- sent.

Room for connecting to the session: