Sinergie-SIMA 2020 Conference

Meet the Editor

7th September 2020
10.30 – 11.30 CEST (please check here for your timezone)

Chair: Daniela Baglieri


Yochanan Altman, Editor-in-Chief European Management Review
Shlomo Y. Tarba, Deputy Editor-in-Chief British Journal of Management
Elisa Giuliani, Editor Research Policy
Rajneesh Narula, Area Editor Journal of International Business Studies
Alberto Di Minin, Associate Editor R&D Management
Cleopatra Veloutsou, Editor Journal of Product and Brand Management
Alfredo De Massis, Editor Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice


Each speaker gives a 5 minutes pitch where she/he provides tips for publishing that are based on her/his own editorial experience and tacit knowledge. The journals’ aim and scope are reported below.

After the Editors have concluded their talks, we will open the floor to Q&As. The audience will have the opportunity to ask questions through the web-platform, the questions will be moderated by the chair. All participants are invited to interact with the Editors during the Q&A session.

Journals Overview

European Management Review

European Management Review (EMR) is a European based international journal dedicated to advancing the understanding of management in private, public and voluntary sector organizations through empirical investigation and theoretical analysis. As the official journal of the European Academy of Management, EMR aims to foster high quality research among European scholars, and academics specifically interested in European management issues with a relevance to the global community.

EMR is receptive to research across a broad range of management topics such as human resource management, organization behavior, strategic management, innovation, corporate governance, and managerial economics. Contributions may be grounded in the social science disciplines of economics, psychology, sociology, linguistics, history, anthropology, among others; in addition to business and management. Articles can be empirical, theoretical, or measurement oriented. Empirical articles should have well articulated and strong theoretical foundations. Theoretical articles should make a distinctive contribution to theory. All types of empirical methods – quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods – are acceptable.

EMR encourages the interplay between theorizing and empirical research in the belief that they should be mutually informative. The journal is especially interested in new data sources, including testing new theory and expanding sample pools via alternative approaches to sampling and measurement, and samples drawn from nontraditional or less common sources and the examination of the validity and reliability of such samples. While aiming to provide a forum for discourse to researchers worldwide, the journal strives to promote a European view in the understanding and betterment of management in different contexts, and the application of scholarly knowledge to real-world management practice.

British Journal of Management

The British Journal of Management provides a valuable outlet for research and scholarship on management-orientated themes and topics. It publishes articles of a multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary nature as well as empirical research from within traditional disciplines and managerial functions. With contributions from around the globe, the journal includes articles across the full range of business and management disciplines.

The British Journal of Management provides an excellent outlet for research and scholarship on management-related themes and topics. It publishes articles which are of a multi-disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and internationally significant nature, and which are committed to making a positive social impact through thoughtful scholarship. With contributions from around the globe, the journal includes empirical and methodological articles across the full range of business and management disciplines, including:
– General Management
– Human Resource Management
– Organizational Behaviour
– Management Development
– Accounting and Finance
– Business Ethics
– Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
– Strategic Management
– Marketing
– Operations Management
– R&D Management
– Business Economic
– Public Sector Management
– Research Methods

Research Policy

Research Policy (RP) is a multi-disciplinary journal devoted to analyzing, understanding and effectively responding to the economic, policy, management, organizational, environmental and other challenges posed by innovation, technology, R&D and science. This includes a number of related activities concerned with the creation of knowledge (through research), the diffusion and acquisition of knowledge (e.g. through organizational learning), and its exploitation in the form of new or improved products, processes or services.
RP is generally acknowledged to be the leading journal in the field of innovation studies, with its academic status and influence being reflected in a remarkably high ‘Impact Factor’ for a multi-disciplinary social science journal (please see below).
Authors intending to submit a paper to RP should first check whether that paper is consistent with the journal’s Editorial Strategy as detailed in the Guide for Authors. RP uses an online submission process, and all papers are subject to a ‘double-blind’ review process, details as in the Guide for Authors. Besides research articles and notes, RP also publishes a variety of other types of papers including Special Issues (or shorter Special Sections) occasional discussion papers on important topical issues, and book reviews, again further information in the Guide for Authors.

Main Subjects Covered: Economics of Innovation/Technology/Science; Entrepreneurs/Entrepreneurship; Evolutionary or (neo-)Schumpeterian Economics; Geography of Innovation – e.g. industrial clusters; Indicators – science, technology, R&D, innovation etc.; Innovation and Sustainability; Innovation Management/Organization/Policy/Strategy; Innovation Systems – national, regional, sectoral, technological; Knowledge – creation/production, diffusion/transfer/exchange, adoption/exploitation etc.; Learning (e.g. organizational) and Experimentation; Product and Process Development; Networks – e.g. research/ R&D collaboration, university-industry links, regional clusters, supply chains; Research and Development (R&D) Management/Policy/Strategy; Research Policy; Resource-Based View of the Firm – competence/capability (e.g. absorptive, core, dynamic); Science Policy; Sociotechnical Paradigms/Regimes; Technological Paradigms/Trajectories; Technological problem-solving; Technology Management/Policy/Strategy.

Journal of International Business Studies

The top-ranked journal in the field of international business, Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS) is multidisciplinary in scope and interdisciplinary in content and methodology, publishing content from across the the six sub-domains of international business studies:

(1) the activities, strategies, structures and decision-making processes of multinational enterprises; (2) interactions between multinational enterprises and other actors, organizations, institutions, and markets; (3) the cross-border activities of firms (e.g., intrafirm trade, finance, investment, technology transfers, offshore services); (4) how the international environment (e.g., cultural, economic, legal, political) affects the activities, strategies, structures and decision-making processes of firms; (5) the international dimensions of organizational forms (e.g., strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions) and activities (e.g., entrepreneurship, knowledge-based competition, corporate governance); and (6) cross-country comparative studies of businesses, business processes and organizational behavior in different countries and environments.

R&D Management

R & D Management publishes articles which address the interests of both practising managers and academic researchers in R & D and innovation management. Covering the full range of topics in research, development, design and innovation, and related strategic and human resource issues – from exploratory science to commercial exploitation – articles also examine social, economic and environmental implications. In addition, the journal publishes notes and comments, and reviews of new publications in the field.

Keywords: management, R, D, research, development, design, innovation, strategic, strategy, human, resources, commercial, social, economic, environmental, journal, research, analysis, periodical, article, publication, reviews, book, theory

Journal of Product and Brand Management

The Journal of Product and Brand Management (JPBM) advances the theoretical and managerial knowledge of products and brands. Branding has evolved and organizations are facing a lot of new challenges when managing their brand reputations, an activity that has become strategic and interdisciplinary.

Manuscripts may either report results based on rigorously analysed qualitative/quantitative data or be purely conceptual. All manuscripts must offer significant research findings and insights and offer meaningful implications for the real world.

This journal is proudly international and inter-disciplinary. We publish manuscripts which compare international markets and encourage submissions approaching branding and product management from any discipline. We focus on all aspects of branding and product management from development to dilution. This includes areas as broad as person, place or political brands.

Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice

Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (ETP) is a leading scholarly journal in Entrepreneurship. The journal’s mission is to publish original conceptual and empirical research that contributes to the advancement of entrepreneurship. ETP is consistently ranked as one of the most influential business journals of the Journal Citation Reports and by the Financial Times as one of the top journals. Article Topics include, but are not limited to:
– New Venture Creation, Development, Growth, and Performance
– Characteristics, Behaviors and Types of Entrepreneurs
– Small Business Management
– Family-Owned Businesses
– Corporate, Social, and Sustainable Entrepreneurship
– National and International Studies of Enterprise Creation
– Research Methods in Entrepreneurship
– Venture Financing.

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