Museums’ management innovation between crisis and opportunities

Tourism and culture management (SIMA)

Museums’ management innovation between crisis and opportunities

Annamaria Esposito, Angela Besana, M.Cristina Vannini, Chiara Fisichella

Cultural institutions have been hit hard by the lockdown that led to the complete stop of the supply of cultural services in praesentia and world’s museums have been forced to temporarily close their doors to protect their visitors.

 If it is still not possible to understand how and when the activity can resume at full speed, this moment also appears as an interesting opportunity to reflect on management innovation, and on how to rethink the cultural offer in a digital key. In fact, in recent months, cultural institutions have reacted by making their repertoire available online or by increasing digital virtual tours in the case of museums, up to experimenting with some cultural productions made at a distance: from traditional visits to digital access and personalized experience. Museums and cultural sites have therefore temporarily turned visitors into users doubling their online activities and increasing the number of their social media followers.

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