Brainport: the power of cooperation creating the industries of the future

Purpose of the paper: This case study offers information on Brainport region Eindhoven (Brainport) in the Netherlands by explaining the cooperation between companies, government and knowledge institutes.

Methodology: Focusing on the importance of the High Tech Systems & Materials sector, including a strong Lifetec cluster. The presence of powerful major companies like ASML, DAF, Philips, Oc DSM, NXP and VDL is unique, as is the related extensive network of high-tech SMEs suppliers (the high tech open supply chain Brainport Industries) and an internationally renowned Design cluster.

Findings: Including graphs supporting the claim that Brainport is a top technology region of European and global status and the cornerstone of the Dutch economy.

Research Limits: The qualitative variables data collected are offered by EUROSTAT, CBS, and Dutch high tech companies. To avoid complexity for the reader, no other qualitative variables were included on Dutch national numbers.

Practical implication: The case study shows that the strongest asset of Brainport is cooperation among industrial champions, market and technology leaders (or the market and technology leaders?), sustained by the government. These form a winning team through cooperation, with new governance as its starting point. Companies and knowledge institutes cooperate to create and make the technology of tomorrow and to help make the Netherlands a safe and sustainable place to live and remain economically prosperous.

Originality of the paper: This case study is based on the knowledge of five years working in the Brainport region in various roles and on publications, research, interviews and stories of many business and governmental leaders in the Brainport region. The story offered in this case study should be seen as a wonderful joint effort between companies, government and knowledge institutes.

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