Comunicazione e identità nel sistema di impresa e nelle istituzioni

The article analyses the identity factor in managing both internal and external relationships within the business organisations and institutions.

It is argued that the identity must be distinguished from the image. It is necessary to underline that the latter is only the is the customers and other stakeholders perception resulting from the promotional activities directed to them. The article gives the definition, principal componentes and twelve essential factors of the identity (brand, enterpreneur, management, product, etc).

Moreover, identity factors management can be considered as strategic, as long as it plays a significant role in the decisional processes, instead of being only considered as an outcome element of the activities undertaken.

Identity plays an important role in the processes of changes where, on one hand the management of the identity influences the environment and, on the other hand, it may be the result of the changes in the environment itself.

Once the identity factor has been recognized, it can be managed. The article focuses on the communication processes resulting from identity factors management. While describing the identity factors, the following expressions can be used: ability to be recognized, reputation, coherence, narrative capacity, delegation, symbol, territory, sharing.

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