Dal passaggio generazionale alla continuita' dell'impresa minore

Alarm bells can be heard from various quarters as there is concern about the risks related to the turnover rate of the bodies governing small businesses. There is even a whole series of tools aimed at providing support for the handing over the reins of a business, within the same family, from one generation to another. This study aims to consider alternative approaches which can already be implemented at the starting up stage of succession, when considering businesses as business systems, which have far wider interests than merely those of the family, or those of the individual entrepreneur. The hypothesis of handing over the business to managers, according to the LBO formula, in this way, takes on particular importance; any such individual managers must be particularly talented from the entrepreneurial point of view as well as having normal managerial skills. These talents will provide the basis from which the business will continue to draw its lifeblood and continuity.

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