Finalità e strumenti di gestione della comunicazione delle università italiane

Nowadays universities are evolving from a traditional to an entrepreneurial and client oriented model. Due to this change, university communication is evolving too. This article presents some results from a survey on Italian universities communication strategies conducted in 2001. There are three main conclusions that can be drawn.

Firstly, Italian universities communicate in a spread and intensive way: towards the market (potential students and their families, potential investors), towards the other external audience (institutions, enterprises, mass media, public opinion) and towards an internal audience (currently enrolled students, teachers and employees). But the most spread marketing communication policy is focused on students recruitment instead of an increase of their students loyalty.

Secondly, the formalisation of communication in Italian universities has grown in the recent few years. Most of them have constituted a communication department, using some managerial methods, such as planning and auditing. Finally, most of them use an integrated communication approach.

Thirdly, the interactive and interpersonal communication tools are more spread than the mediated ones.

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