Heritage tourism: linking quality of experience to training and coaching

The aim of this paper is to advance the work undertaken to date from a theoretical and empirical viewpoint about the relationship between quality and training in Heritage Visitor Attraction sector.

A literature review was conducted from across the wider areas of service quality, quality of experience, loyalty, training and coaching, and a number of concepts were identified as essential to sustainable operations of Heritage Visitor Attractions. These concepts were reinforced by findings from a case study, Pollok House in Scotland.

Training and coaching form an integral part of the HERITAGE framework: Hospitality, Empowerment, Responding to Change, Innovation, Trust and Loyalty, Ability and Attitude, Growing the organisation and Engagement. The importance of managing the human resource is highlighted in each element.

Finally, the relationship between Quality of Service, Quality of Experience and Loyalty which had been illustrated by a model in previous work was updated to include the key activities of Training and Coaching.

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