I sistemi locali nellEuropa comunitaria

The European production system is characterised by small and medium enterprises for which the environment of reference is the local system rather than a world wide one. Moreover, two matters should assume a particular importance: cultural characteristics of subjects (which are to be found inside and outside the organisation) and the local community that creates a demographic context in which the enterprise operates.

The social-economics models of local systems may be distinguished on the basis of a model at which the participants of a certain community aspire or their sense of citizenship. In consequence, the potential of enterprise competitiveness depends on the demographic context in which it operates.

The environment (in economics and entrepreneurship terms) of local systems is the industrial district characterised by strong enterprise culture. The latter favours enterprise development, even by means of a growth of a common European market and the passage into a globally competitive market show some of the weaknesses of such a system, in particular, a dominance of a product oriented strategies rather than market oriented ones.

In consequence, the future stake will be the outcome of the enterprises capacity to adjust to a new context of the ambience of reference. This adjustment may be realised through new competitive or collaboration forms corresponding to the process of European integration.

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