Identità dell'economia d'impresa e formazione universitaria e manageriale

The intriguing conflict between determinism and casual events is actually evolving together with the studies about chaos and complexity, outlining the charming scenery of the present academic research. Recent changes in economic and social contexts made youths condition change at a speed and depth not even known before. Furthermore, this paper aims to think over the business management teaching, by considering its actual academic addresses and its identity. Pursuant to the deep, recent changes in the university system, our field of study found itself in a position to conciliate rules from the past with the more dynamic environment of the present didactics. The paper, supported by an exploratory empirical analysis conduced on 25 Italian Faculty of Economics, investigates the roots of the identity of management studies and their strict relationships with the managerial education offered to Italian students of economics. The starting point of this debate is a question that should deserve an immediate answer: might be more effective a deterministic didactics for first level students, with respect to a relativistic didactics, like the one that universities are proposing through their advanced courses of degree?

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