Il cluster biotecnologico di Torino: il ruolo dell'Università e del territorio per lo sviluppo dell'innovazione

Purpose of our study is to analyze the structure of the Turin biotechnological cluster in the systemic living vision (Golinelli, 2009), in particular for what concerns to biotech sector – start up operating in the territory in order to find the potentiality of the innovation development.

Our empiric analysis examines the development of biotechnological sector in the territory of Turin, where the protagonist is the Molecular Biotechnology Center (MBC) of the Turin University, integrated with the Biotechnological pole of Ivrea (Bioindustry Park). In particular the area of research is focused on the so-called red biotechnologies (biotech research in medical field). The analyzed structured has been also compared to the French experience of the Evry Cluster Genopole, complex but at the same time connected and integrated with its territory. As what happens in Turin, this biotechnological pole expresses the will to concentrate the know-how of the territory in a restricted area with an high concentration of structures and facilities for biotech firms development.

The expected results refers to the definition of local biotech start-up in the incubators in Turin Cluster, to the economical data and to the methods of evaluation used to assess the choice of the investments, the different promotions of technological development, the relationships between the financing from public and private organizations, the network of territorial relationships, and finally the definition of a model to promote the territorial system of biotechnological innovation.

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