Il consolidamento dei valori guida ai fini della trasparenza della comunicazione: interventi a sostegno e metodi di rilevazione

The essay analyses two aspects regarding communication of the guide values in order to make company values transparent and clear. The first part deals with the different kinds of strategies that the company must exploit to support and foster the process of implementation, on the part of the personnel, of the elements codified in the chart of the company values. In order to fulfill this objective, different kinds of actions aimed at fostering the psychological safety of the personnel are considered. This effort is based on the hypothesis of studying the incremental development of the company culture. The second part concentrates on the methods and tecniques through which the two basic dimensions of the chart of the values can be evaluated: the effective level of sharing these values among the members of the organization and the level of depth of interiorization. These plans of enquiry are separated on the basis of the peculiar searching and the surveying instruments. They share the same complexity of the subject of the survey (represented by the value properties) and the final aim of checking the effective level of implementation of the values with regard to the grade of their consolidation into the system.

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