Il convegno nell'epoca della virtualità

The aim of this article is to analyse the importance and the benefits of the congress during the time of virtual communication. Firstly, the classification of the possible scientific meetings is presented. Secondly, the advantages and the disadvantages of the face to face interactions, in comparison to those using the Information and Communication Technology, are discussed. Then, the conclusion may be drawn that the virtual interaction cannot simply substitute the real relations that are the result of live communication. Therefore, it is advisable that both ways of communication are combined so that their synergy contributes to a successful development of the relationships.

As far as the scientific congress is concerned, not only its core service is underlined, but the diffusion, sharing and the creation of the knowledge as well. Moreover, the other reasons for which one participates in such an event are presented and the spirit in which one awaits the congress.

In order to consider carefully all these aspects, it is necessary to look closer at the outcome of the scientific congress, such as open-mindedness, establishment of new relations, acquisition of confidence and, finally, cultural enrichment resulting from the journey . These must be facilitated by the series of services and accompanying elements arranged by the organiser. Moreover, all these elements (that may be called accessories) together contribute to an ideal atmosphere of the congress and, in consequence, a successful quality evaluation of the event.

Surely, there are still many other reasons for participating in the congress. Surely, the number of such events has been increasing and the relations that a researcher may have thanks to the advanced information technology has been still limited. But even though, all the aspects taken together convince us of the importance and the value added delivered by the scientific congress in the time of virtual communication.

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