Il modello del ciclo di vita internazionale del prodotto applicato ai sistemi distrettuali della moda

National and more and more international market performance of the fashion industry in Italy is the main cause of its centrality in the whole economy of the nation. Anyway last years results performed in the international markets seemed to change the positive trend and proofing the resistance to pressures from international competitors.

This landscape gives evidence of attributing more attention to the importance of competitiveness factors of the Italian fashion system. The comprehension of the dynamics that changed their shapes needs to go back to the events and situations causing modifications able to alter strenghtness and weakness of the system.

Macroeconomic analysis shows that changes with different origin have produced combining effects on the system and its architecture, able to generate a wide crisis in the fashion industry. Identifying possible interventions is based on the way of the protection and the exalting of the set of the experiences and traditions close to the country image. We retain, also, that we have to consider the way of diffusion of the peculiar innovation and competencies of the italian fashion and style system.

Making this we have to refer to IPLC (International Product Life Cycle) as the model that explains the innovation diffusion and the connected ways with the different stages of this dissemination. The application of this model to the Italian fashion system situation lets to reach and enrich the explanation of each single stage of the international pattern of dissemination of the Italian fashion industry.

The aim is to outline the causes of the crisis (real or fictitious) and draw up hypothesis for the development and the expansion of this precious Italian industry, both for economic and social aspects. The aim is to re-shape that threat in an opportunity when, adopting a win-win approach, we can recur to collaborations to keep an active control realizing innovation on the externalized productions.

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