Il valore dell'edutainment

Edutainment derives from an acronym of educational and entertainment and its meaning is to educate while having fun and having fun while educating. Edutainment is an experience that the Costa group has been carrying on for years through an entrepreneurial approach based on a correct management and exploitation of a spare time product in function of its market. The paper introduces the strategies of edutainment applied to the utilization of aquaria and museums which, however different in nature, when managed according to the logics of interchange can produce important and advantageous synergies. Concerning the differences, the sector of aquaria is a sector that can be defined as capital intensive, while the museum sector needs mainly human resources specialised in research and organization of the service (labour intensive).

The interchange between aquaria and museums is based on the fact that aquaria and parks need to develop more and more their educational and divulgative aims while museums need to become more attractive and offer their visitors elements of attraction and interactivity.

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