Imprese familiari e performance: una meta-analisi degli studi empirici

Purpose of the paper: This literature review aims to extend the knowledge about family involvement-firm performance relationship;

Methodology: The article offers a systematic review of studies and applies the technique of meta-analysis to establish a quantitative generalization of the effects of familiarity on performance;

Results: The analysis highlights that family involvement-firm performance relationship is not significant and that a deep eterogeneity among studies exisists;

Limits: The paper does not consider all possible variables, which can explain the methodological heterogeneity among studies;

Implications: Results suggest the need to look for mediating and/or moderating variables able to explain the family involvement-performance relationship;

Originality of the paper: the article attempts to summarize statistically the conflicting results of empirical studies trying to provide an answer to the question of Villalonga and Amit (2006): Does familiarity create or destroy value?

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