Intelligenza, compimento e vitalità dei sistemi di sistemi. Una riflessione sull'industria finanziaria

Stemming from the observation of the evolution of the financial industry, and assuming the viable system approach, our paper aims to shed light on some of the determinants of a systems viability. Among others, individual intelligence of its components – based on technologies of rationality (i.e. ICTs and legal technologies) – and its overall degree of completion as a system – deriving from both top-down regulation and self-organization – appear to be salient and are thus deepened. Although technologies of rationality, top-down regulation and self-organization all seem clearly to be effective antecedents of survival in simple situations, their effect in more complex contexts appears uncertain. Since complexity has a moderating role on the determinants of a systems viability, in the quest for stability and survival of the financial industry increasing investments in technologies of rationality as well as vigorous enforcement of top-down regulation should be carefully examined and confronted with investments in components values and culture, deep understanding of agents and operations, relationship lending approaches, as well as virtuous self-organization processes.

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