La poliedricitdella comunicazione per lo sviluppo dellimpresa

The aim of this presentation is to discuss a preliminary question and four issues. The preliminary question refers to the extent to which communication has become strategic for management and for the development of complex organisations. Recent research outputs and professional experience suggest a positive response that will be discussed in this paper together with the following four issues.

First: why has organisational communication become so important and upon which underlying theoretical and empirical factors does it rest? Second: what are its most important and specific contents? Third: how can and must communication be used in order to fully benefit from all its effects? Fourth: has communication, as it has been described, reached its maximum and strategic importance and could its operational applications be further expanded?

Finally this presentation deals with the future of organisational communication, in particular the evolution of its characteristics, its instruments and initiatives, of its goals for both the organisation and the stakeholders, the organisational structure and dimensions of the communication department.

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