La sistemicità presupposto del valore della marca territoriale. Un'analisi sul mondo del vino Made in Italy

The article draws on the disadvantages generated in the wine branding by the inconsistent and disorganized proliferation and overlap of different elements, sometimes referred to the territory some others to the producer.

This confusion, not only provokes disorientation to the consumers, but also can it provoke a flattering, so that the name of the territory, that should represent a whole of unique styles and traditions, on the contrary becomes an ordinary element, identifying products with so different quality levels and cost structures.

The idea here is that the territory can represent a qualifying platform in the wine production chain, but only when placed in specific strategies of brand architectures.
Through a comparative analysis among the different Italian wine regions, we point out the system conditions that can enable the territorial brand to add value to the wine brand.

The case studies show that the territory is not always made to be a territorial brand in a unique and homogenous way, but it can represent a co-brand or an endorser, generating reputation and innovation to support the internationalization, when it is a territorial system proper, with specific sense and meanings.

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