La specializzazione nell'organizzazione dei servizi di promozione dell'internazionalizzazione: reti fiduciarie e approccio di squadra

Promotional measures for internationalization represent an increasingly important component of the policies aiming at competitiveness. Their effectiveness and efficiency is highly influenced by how several institutional and private agencies are organized and how these ones interact with each other. In this paper, three different contents are examined in a general analysis: the first one concerns the opportunity of being a specialized system (not vertically integrated) formed by promotional agents; the second one regards the way the public sector and the market share and arrange their intervention in it; the third and last one corresponds to the interaction of the several actors taking part in the promotion for internationalization. Following an approach based on the analysis of transaction costs, the observations presented underline the superior rank of an organization formed by several specialized agencies. This multilateral system allows more competence in supporting operations with an higher idiosyncratic level which require high transaction costs and post-contractual monitoring. In order to carry out these actions it is better to turn to associations which are member of networks based on trust and have specific connections abroad. Therefore, a possible way of intervention division between the public sector and the market is presented as far as services for internationalization are concerned.Moreover, it is important to develop a team work system to arrange relations among different promotional organizations, underlining each structural characteristics in order to give an effective and positive contribution to the creation of an integrated system for the promotion of the internationalization.

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