L'attività di ricerca di informazioni per la scelta del prodotto turistico

In the article we analyse the process of choice of tourism product. We examine above all the problem of research of information for buying tourism. It results that tourism is a product very similar to shopping goods, for that it is necessary a problematic information research process, also if it has many items like convenience goods, witch requires less information research. Some classic theoretical hypothesis are confirming from the empirical research: the process of informations research is more detailed when tourists intend to buy complex tourist products and when they are emotionally involved; moreover, the buyer of tourism prefers to use personnel source of information, like word of mouth, and professional source coming from travel agents, rather than commercial sources. The research on the field suggests also that the degree of experience of buyers, rather than to push to facilitate the gathering of information, push people to search more information. Internet is a very used source of information for the interviewed persons. It confirms the rise of a hybrid consumer, a subject that in the consumer behaviour uses both off line and on line sources of information and suggest the necessity for management of furnish very selected and targeted communication actions.

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