Le frontiere manageriali per la valorizzazione della cultura e dell'arte

The key questions in the paper concern the possibility to define the artistic and cultural good and the opportunity to manage it according to the standards of a specialized discipline, as yet little defined, such as the management of artistic heritage, or to adapt already existing managerial disciplines. The answer to the first question makes it necessary to consider the artistic good as an experience good, the fruition of which needs to be planned according to modular logics since it takes on personalized forms thanks to the individual fruition.

As far as the management of artistic and cultural good is concerned, the studies of Normann and literature about Service Management appear to be the most suitable to make knowledge available and to offer the producer and the consumer the possibility to contribute to its construction.

The conclusions propose a classification of the artistic and cultural heritage, identifying three different categories of enterprises that incorporate culture and artistic heritage in their productive processes, each of which requires a partially different managerial approach given the different characteristics of each one.

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