Le implicazioni organizzative di una intranet adottata come tecnologia di coordinamento

The purpose of this paper is to provide a contribution in the mainstream of Information Systems literature, which analyses the effects of the adoption and utilization of communication technology (ICT) into complex organisations. Considering the ICTs scene, the study has been focused on the Intranet as a decisional coordinations tool. The idea of this research is applied to the bank industry and it is led by the consideration that this sector is characterised by a widespread utilisation of Intranet tools.

On the other hand, this research tries to understand what are the organisational impacts caused by the adoption of an Intranet.

The analysis has been focused on the substantial reduction of the organisational complexity due to the adoption of an Intranet as a coordination technology and as an instrument for organisational interdependency management.

This research is based on a case study of a Northern Italy Bank. Considering the outcoming results it can be pointed out that the Intranet adoption cannot reduce the coordination costs in an organisation with strong hierarchies and high level of decisional centralisation.

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