Le strategie regionali per l'innovazione dei cluster ad alta tecnologia in una prospettiva evoluzionista

In the past decade the literature on regional innovation systems has showed the critical role played by institutional conditions to enhance the capability of local organizations to contribute to the innovation processes.

The recent failure of some of regional policies has showed the pitfalls of an innovation policy approach drawing its inspiration from ideal type regional innovation systems. Evolutionary economic geography proposes a new way to understand the role of innovation policy.

Policy maker must possess a detailed knowledge about the regional innovation system specificities and the factors undermining its dynamics to adopt a more differentiated innovation policy approach.

According to evolutionary economic geography approach, this paper analyzes how the dynamic interplay between firms and institutions of hi-tech cluster and the surrounding environment evolves during the growth process and investigates how adapt regional innovation policy to the knowledge base, the relational system, the localized capabilities and the life cycle of the hi-tech cluster.

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