L'impresa che diventa sistema: una lettura nel duecentenario darwiniano

The theme of evolution is a sensitive and complex theme, even more so if it is discussed in the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwins birth.

In philosophy and theology, the sharp contrast between the two prevailing lines of thought (creationism and evolutionism) is evidence of the sensitivity surrounding this subject. Also in social sciences a large number of scholars of complex organizations follow a theoretical framework based on The Origin of the Species, forgetting, however, that in that important work Charles Darwin studied plants and animals, i.e. creatures which are very different from organizations and enterprises. The theoretical contribution of social Darwinism is anyway important.

The theme of evolution is discussed in this paper in an intertwined way with that of the systemic nature of the enterprise. The Author underlines that to become system implies rationally conceived and gradual decisions and processes, which go through the enterprises cycle of life in a very different way from the casual and often chaotic ways concerning the natural system and the living organisms.

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