L'impresa inesistente: relazioni tra immagine e strategia

The increase of competitiveness and the changes in the social expectations towards the firm cause a growing interest in the field of firm image and its strategic role for internal and external relationships networking management.

If the image is positive, it may contribute to an internal cohesion of the organization and the stakeholders trust, credibility and legitimation. The aim of a successful firm image advantages study is to search for the image definition and the possibilities of improving it.

The study concludes that an unequivocal and universal firm image doesnt exist. In consequence there are as many images as people who interact with the company. Every single persons perception is a result of the communication process, their satisfaction and the way they perceive the whole interaction.

If a firm pays attention to its image, it shouldnt standardize or change its stakeholder expectations, but express its culture, its personality and, on the basis of its values, act ethically on the same wavelength as social expectations.

On the contrary, if a firm cannot express its identity, it wont be able to have any specific role in the society, and risks not to survive in a future context, which like the one we have today, is characterised by s strong environmental discontinuity.

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