L'inefficacia dei modelli di corporate governance. Un'evidenza empirica: il caso Parmalat

The article intends on evaluating the main concept of corporate governance, taking it back to the ideological and pragmatic theory that created it: the neo-liberalism. Only by doing so it will be possible to understand the reasons why the corporate governance models developed up until now have been significantly poor in forecasting and contrasting economic system crises, such as the most recent one of the last few years. The aim of the article is therefore to re-define the concept of corporate governance, highlighting the different roles and responsibilities that each player must assume in order to promote a new form of capitalism, with the results being closer to societys expectations and values. This will offer a contribution to the formation of a new institutional magnetic field upon which a new founding concept can be based, including new behavioural models geared towards recuperating the sense of institution as well as the institutional role of each player in the safeguarding of general and more widespread interests.

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