L'integrazione tra marketing turistico e marketing territoriale come leva per lo sviluppo economico dei sistemi d'area

Tourism is one of the areas of the economy that offers the best possibilities for global economic development.

This article, derived from the concepts of strategic thought developed during the 90s, proposes an integrated approach to the methods and instruments of two areas particularly up-to-date, namely touristic and territorial marketing, both understood as basic theories of the development of an area or region.

In particular, the ties among these different approaches to regional development are explained through the basic concepts of dual strategy and through the competitive advantages obtained from local resources in a way similar to what is being studied in enterprise strategy where these two concepts are tied together.

The proposed interpretation, applied to local development of tourism, unifies both types of marketing. The former is “market-driven”, that is, it identifies those combinations of available resources that allow the optimization of touristic opportunities, with a long range approach to touristic development.

The latter, on the other hand, adopts a “resource-based” attitude , that is, it identifies and then develops the necessary resources to fill the gap between the present situation (and not only in tourism) and development plans that respect the identity of the place.

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