Misurazione del livello di internazionalizzazione delle Regioni italiane

The degree of internationalisation of a particular territory has been extensively studied over the last ten years. However, literature concerning the creation of a relevant, accessible and transferable synthetic index of regional internationalisation is almost inexistent. This paper contributes to bridge these lacks, explaining how each factor of internationalisation can contribute to regional degree of internationalisation. This paper has a threefold aim: reviewing the doctrinal contributions concerning the measure of the level of regional internationalisation, creating a composite regional index of internationalisation and applying this index to Regional Italian local systems. The methodology used in this paper consists both of a systematic and comparative analysis of the concepts and methodologies published in literature and of testing these results by means of three focus groups involving 35 stakeholders of different origins (Delphi methodology). The research findings would show how regional level of internationalisation depends on drivers of different nature reflecting different dimensions of internationalisation: commercial, productive, financial, technological, entrepreneurial, touristic and socio-cultural internationalisation. Main limits of this research involve the level of exhaustiveness of drivers and relative indices, chosen throughout subjective criteria. The paper offers scope for further application to other level of analysis.

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