Operatori di servizi logistici integrati. Tendenze evolutive nel governo della disaggregazione produttiva

In the present business environment – where firms disaggregate their productive system – a new category of logistics players is emerging. They operate in the market (especially B2B) delivering fully integrated services for the whole supply chain. Therefore, the goal of this work is to define the main characteristics of this emerging category and, then, to investigate its origins, its evolutive strategies and perspectives of future development. Unlike traditional operators – that merely execute strategic and operative activities decided by the customer – the logistics provider, on whom this research is focused, is a player integrated in the whole production-distribution system. And beside this, it is also able to both organize and guide part or the whole logistics process on behalf of its customers. Thus, the research emphasizes how the role played by the most developed logistics providers is sharply developing aiming to fully manage segments of the supply chain.

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