Passion before profit in hospitality ventures. Some thoughts on Lifestyle Entrepreneur and the case of “Albergo Diffuso”

Purpose of the paper: This study examines the link between the profile of lifestyle entrepreneurship and the emerging concept of the hotel typology of “Albergo Diffuso”, both of which are contemporary offshoots of their major categories.

Methodology: Due to the originality and novelty of the business model, first a literature review was conducted in order to achieve the realization of a clear representation of this new kind of accommodation. Then, a questionnaire divided into three sections was developed, including closed-ended and open questions, and administered to a sample of AD.

Research limits: Both topics deserve merit for in-depth investigations since they are under-researched. For this point this research needs new and deeper studies focused on face-to-face interviews looking for the drivers that link the concept of “Albergo Diffuso” to the one of “Lifestyle entrepreneur”.

Practical implications: Preliminary results of the qualitative study that used a nine-parameter measurement scale suggest that the “Albergo Diffuso” owners’ profile mirrors the one of the typical “lifestyle entrepreneur”.

Originality of the paper: The study confirms the “Albergo Diffuso” as a socio-culturally embedded entity in its location and that AD entrepreneurs possess a high level of personal motivation in establishing their enterprises.

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