Serial entrepreneurs as incubators. It is not bricks and mortar but inspiration and leadership that makes for incubation

To fully comprehend the process of innovation and entrepreneurship there is a need to understand the role of individuals in their capacity as incubators. This view helps to redefine the concept of incubation from something to someone.

The traditional definition of an incubator is that of an institution or physical environment in which nascent businesses are formed or innovative ideas developed. Studies point to policy, macro and local environments based on units of analysis that provide partial explanations.

However, the traditional view only partially recognises the role that experienced managers and serial entrepreneurs play in the process of providing advice, contacts, transferring tacit knowledge, inspiring and providing self-confidence to those who will make it happen.

This paper will build on current work on the role of individuals in the emergence of a cluster of high technology businesses to help redefine the incubator and therefore consider policy implications for emerging clusters.

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