Un modello micro ed uno macro per la valutazione della creazione di valore dei musei e del settore cultura

Cultural goods are documents that concentrate many resources and work. Cultural heritage needs numerous investments for its own maintenance and safeguard, but it is also an historical testimony through which community renews itself and its own culture. Cultural heritage is even a tool able to attract tourism and revitalise culture chain. Therefore cultural goods express economic social and cultural values for the benefit of community and territories. We will use two different approaches to study cultural economic impact: firstly, the micro approach to study cultural organizations, their inner dynamics and their contribution to cultural system; secondly, the macro approach, to analyze economic dynamics of complex and wider cultural heritage systems. As in every complex system these approaches are tightly interrelated, and it is necessary to contemplate both of them in order to analyze the phenomenon as a whole. The present job illustrates two different models of analysis: the first belonging to the micro approach, the second instead affiliate to macro approaches.

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