Verso la qualificazione del concetto di complessità sistemica

The contribution, through a re-reading, sometimes critical, of the literature on the issue of the complexity, proposes a interpretation of the same useful to the analysis of social dynamics. After argued on the need to devise, in the context of social choices, the complexity as on a subject recipient and strongly influenced by the context of reference, try to restore considerations and reflections typical of business economics in more general schemes. Distinguishing between a structural complexity and a systemic, we can identify the elements useful for a sociological interpretation of the concept of non-linearity. The conceptual construction made seems to contribute in a significant way to the possibility to read the digits of the complexity emerging, and to seek the guidelines for the recovery of stability. The evidence of a virtuous circle, devising the dynamic that binds the development of practices from laws and through rules and rules, contributes to clarify the conditions that contribute to the loss of stability of the systems. A long final example, based on the events related to so-called Financial System, closes the contribution and contributes to the clarification of the concepts presented.

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