Risorse, competenze e incubatori di impresa

This paper focuses on the role played by incubators in supporting new venture creation. We claim that the evolution of incubators industry is driven by market changes and by Internet development. We map business incubators into four categories: Business Innovation Centers (BICs), University Business Incubators (UBIs), Independent Private Incubators (IPIs) and Corporate Private Incubators (CPIs). It is argued that the variety of incubating organizations is driven by the evolution of companies requirements and needs, which prompts incubators to differentiate their services portfolio.

The Resource Based View (RBV) is used to illustrate differences – at incubator level – in the resources and competencies offered to new ventures. We distinguish between incubators providing new ventures with their own resources and competencies and those selecting resources and competencies which are external to their value chain and that are eventually transferred to their tenants. The RBV helps new ventures in identifying incubating models that better fit their needs, and incubators in identifying success factors and in strategically positioning themselves. Empirical evidence of competencies, resources and services offered by different typologies of incubators to their tenants is provided through case studies of four Italian incubators.

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