Location image halo effect on museum image: an exploratory survey of British Museum visitors

Purpose of the paper: This paper explores the museum image formation process, with particular focus on the case of the British Museum in London. The research aims to analyze whether, among the different variables traditionally identified by literature on this issue (motivations, expectations, satisfaction, sources of information etc.), it is possible to identify a halo effect of Londons image which influences British Museum visitors image formation.

Methodology: Considering the exploratory nature of the study, a non-probabilistic sampling procedure was chosen. Data were collected through a structured questionnaire, and interviewees were selected through a non-probability sampling procedure. Data analysis involved multivariate regression, performed through SPSS software.

Findings: The collected data provided a preliminary response to the main research question posed by this paper: could the halo effect of Londons image play a role in developing the image visitors have of the British Museum?.

Research limits: Due to the sample size of visitors, the research has a mainly exploratory value and intends to represent a pilot study on this issue.

Practical implications: The existence of a halo effect on the image of Londons British Museum is a factor to be considered for the identification of museum marketing strategies developed specifically for visitors who appear sensitive to this effect.

Originality of the study: Compared to the literature so far produced on museum marketing, this paper differs in focusing on the relationship between museum image and its location.

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